Get Organized with a Teacher Binder System

In order to be completely on your toes in teaching, you HAVE to be one thing...

Otherwise, you're simply swimming in a sea of chaos and uncertainty. I know, because I was that teacher. Yep...that was me! In my mind, I always felt like I was alone, as other teachers always seem to have their acts together...not a paper out of place. There was always a place for something. Perfection... a system that worked like a well-oiled machine. 

I, on the other hand, wasn't sure where to begin! How did they manage to get to that point? Where did they begin? Would their system work for me?

So I started to purge. I started the attempt of straightening things out and organizing my chaotic mess. I managed to clean out my files, and made everything look "just so," but that didn't TOUCH my internal organization...aka...paperwork. I had everything shoved into a little caddy that I kept on my desk, and when I needed to find something, it was never where it should be, or all it was all wrinkled and tattered simply because I didn't organize it the right way!

Something had to give.

Something had to change.

That's when I started thinking of ways to help not only myself, but other teachers, such as myself, to organize. That's when my teaching binders were born!

When I first started making teaching binders in 2013, I had no idea how many teachers were looking for the perfect organization answer for their classroom space. Pre-made planners were on the market, and I definitely made sure to get a new one (at the cost of $15) at the start of every school year. Sadly, this cost has increased, and you will now pay anywhere from $50 - $80 for a professional pre-printed planner...that you will just throw away!!

I was frustrated, and wanted more...I knew that I could do much better than what was being offered to myself and my fellow teachers.

I knew exactly what I needed, and with much persistence, several months of time, quite a few headaches, and a couple of tears later...I had it! I created my very first teaching binder!

If I'm being totally honest, the term "binder" kind of bothers me, because it's much more than one piece. It can be used in a multitude of ways..from sub plans, to standards, to lesson plans, or to whatever it is that you need to store in an organized place. It's more of a binder SYSTEM.

So anyhow, my binders were quickly accepted by my teaching community and soared to the top of the TpT charts, but after a couple of years, competition in the binder market increased, as I had expected it would, and my binders were buried. I was having babies, building my house, and not updating a thing.

I knew I needed to revive it in every possible way, so after five years of looking at feedback from teachers across the globe...talking to my fellow teachers, and being a part of a global teaching community, I came up with the product that I have today.

I can't wait for you to take a peek...

The focus of the video above is on the forms an planning capabilities. I didn't showcase the gorgeous covers! Here's a little preview of those, as well...and note that it's only a preview! Most of these binders come with several other cover options that are simply not shown below.

Want to dig in a little deeper? Let's do it!

I added a TON of detailed, yet effective, teacher forms for practically everything you could think of for your classroom. From class lists and student transportation, to small group, IEP, and RTI! Everything is there for you...and with several options, which are all...


One of the feedbacks that I heard over and over again from teachers was that the file was overwhelming. I knew that when the day came for me to redo them, I needed to fix that. I organized every single form into four categories for easy assemble, and a "no thought required" assembly:

1. The Main Teaching Binder: A place to hold all of those important student documents, standardized test scores, IEP information, and more!

2. Academic Tracking Forms Binder: This binder holds every single form that helps me create individualized student plans, standard-based analysis forms, AR information and planning, reading logs and tracking forms, fluency tracking, anecdotal notes and SO MUCH MORE!

3. Lesson Plans:  I offer a HUGE variety of plans for teachers that teach one subject to several! If      you need to tweak the tables, you can easily do that by adding or taking away columns and rows. If you aren't sure how to do that, you can watch my buyer exclusive how-to videos to help you in a couple of simple steps!

4. Substitute Binders: Never be unprepared for a sub again! This binder is a must have for my classroom. With three kids at home, there are times that unexpected absences occur. I never panic, because I keep all of my classroom information, as well as emergency sub plans in my sub binder!  

I would also recommend having a binder for your small group work, calendars, each subject, and perhaps your standards. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Moving forward!

Going digital has been a huge step forward for a lot of school districts and educators in general. That's why I am offering a Google drive version of my binders within this download! You can choose to print or type in your plans...collect information on your kiddos, and have it on the go and at your fingertips! It's convenient, quick, and accessible to you, even if you're halfway around the world! 

Speaking of digital, I have also included the COOLEST digital stickers to my binders! I spent a ton of time custom layering the colors on these adorable Doodle fonts by friend Amanda Newsome at PB Fonts! She's so talented, and I knew I had to incorporate these sweet drawings into my download.

Simply cut and paste these into your calendars, plans, notes...or into whatever you want!


I am so excited to be able to share my organization secret with each of you. I'm telling's a game changer! There is no pre-printed planner that will compare with the amount of resources that you will receive with this purchase.