The ULTIMATE Variety Cover Teaching Binder

I'm THRILLED that I can officially offer this product to my fellow teachers! I started TpT in 2013, and had the idea for my teaching binders as soon as I began. I had always wanted to create a go-to place for my classroom forms and overall organization, and I had NO IDEA that so many other teachers were looking for the same kind of organization as me!

Since that time, I have created 9 theme-specific binders, which I have used in my classroom since they were created. They are always on the TpT best seller lists in the summer, as teachers prepare to organize their classroom lives in the fall, and are also a huge hit in December/January when my Australian friends are finding their way back into their classrooms!

With that being said, I am SO SO SOOO excited to announce the release of my latest, and greatest binder yet! I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen a more versatile binder in all of my years of teaching. Below, you will find pictures that help depict what you will be getting with your purchase.

Click HERE to take a closer look at my product description!



  1. Can't wait to see the video on this!!
    Thanks for creating such phenomenal products!!

  2. I bought this earlier this week and am so excited to put my binders together this summer. The problem is I can't decide which theme to use, I like so many of them. I may just have to mix it up. Thanks for a great product.

  3. I am so tempted to buy this bundle. But I teach 7th grade and Algebra 1. Will I be able to use these templates, and customize them for me? Or will it be wasted?

    Also, If I do end up buying it (which I think I will), and I get stuck with customizing it, will you help out?