Tips on Alleviating Stress Throughout the School Year

If I had a dollar for every time I came home from work stressed out and irritable, I would be a rich woman.  I wish I could have a show of hands to see just how many of you are with me on this one.  There were a couple of years that were especially challenging, for one reason or another, but with the new year approaching, it has opened up a door of thought in my mind.

Two questions come to mind.
Now, I'm not perfect, and I'm not a counselor of any sort.  However, I think that we'll agree that the following tips that I'm about to share are things that WOULD, in fact, create a more harmonious energy within ourselves, both in and out of school.  

The truth is, life is busy.  We are busy.  And with all of the chaos that buzzes around us from day to day, it's really hard at times to take a moment for ourselves, to reflect on what needs to change, and then figure out ways to create a change to promote inner peace.  We almost need a "playbook" of sorts to help us in every situation.  If only that existed.  Or does it?  I think it does.  I think that we have the power to create that change.  Our own "inner playbook" if you will.

Let's look at some reasons why we get irritated at work.  (I'm guessing here...and also reflecting on some of my own reasons for reaching my personal boiling point throughout the years.)