Save Yourself Some Merry Little Minutes!

There is so much hustle and bustle during the months of November and December.  Mostly in preparation for those magical Christmas days, and perhaps in preparation of those school delays and closings!  How one earth do we find the time to be productive in our classrooms during such chaos?!  Well, we know that there's truly no simple answer to that, but perhaps my friends and I can offer a few suggestions to help you out along the way!  So, sit back with your steaming cup of hot chocolate, and perhaps kick your pretty little feet up by your Christmas tree, and let's take a little time saving journey together in blog land today!

I have found that even in the busiest of times, when I am organized and prepared well in advance for the upcoming week and/or weeks, my days run so much smoother!  So here's my tip:

I know, I know...simpler said than done.  Here's the deal, friends...take the time to get yourself organized...and then it's smooth sailing from there!  You'll THANK yourself for it in the end and it WILL save you a TON of time!

Here's how I stay organized:

I plan ahead for special events.  The calendar below is a part of my Bright Colors and Buttons Ultimate Teaching Binder.  I plan special events in the classroom, craft and writing activities, as well as take a look forward at days that we will be out of school.  It really does help for both preparation purposes, as well as striking up a little classroom creativity!

Click on the photo to get this FREEBIE!

From my month-to-month special days planner, I write things down on my calendar.

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Lastly, I keep notes on what I need to do that DAY, that WEEK, that MONTH, and finally...that QUARTER.  Looking ahead and making a plan.  It's that simple.  
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ONE MORE little tip...take time to de-clutter.  When my desk is a mess, so are my thoughts.  At least once a day, I stop what I'm doing, and make piles.  My piles may consist of "To Grade," "To Return," "Student Conference," or "Next Week."  You can make your piles into whatever makes sense to you.  I LOVE using Post-It notes, too!!  What would we do without them?!

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I may not be telling you something that you don't already know with this post, but I think it is a great reminder in the middle of our school year to clean up our mental clutter, as well as the clutter on our desks! Start with those tips...and save time!  

Now, for even more tips and teacher tricks for saving time...check out my best blogging buddies' suggestions on what they do to manage their time in the holiday months.  
Have a WONDERFUL December, everyone...and have fun shopping on TpT during the sale!


  1. Thanks for all of those great freebies!!! I especially appreciate the one with all of the special dates. Thanks again!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. I love the idea of having a list of special days in a month to plan ahead! Thanks for that freebie, and all of the other cute ones, too! :)

  3. Love all of the tips Joey, thank you!!!!!

  4. Ooh you are good! This is something I told myself I want to seriously work on! Thanks for the freebies to get started!

  5. Love the de-clutter tip. I can't function with a messy desk, so it starts fresh every day. By lunch however... ;)