Operation Underdog!

The month of November is such a special time of the year.  It's a time that we focus on being thankful for what we have.  What we have doesn't always mean material possessions, but more often times, it is something that you can't see, such as success, happiness, or simply the warmth inside of your home during the approach of the cold winter months.  It could also mean a warm bed, a hug from a person that you love, or a vehicle that can get you to where you need to go.

You see, November is a very special month at TpT, as well.  We are going to run with the spirit of giving and JOIN TOGETHER to give back to some much neglected individuals.  I don't know about you, but myself, I'm an animal lover to the core!  Having lost my best friend, Trooper, the last day of school this past year, my mind simply can't shake the thought of animals these days, especially him.

A very dear friend of mine, that I have known since...well, since I could crawl...thinks about animals all the time, as well.  Here's a picture of Sarah and ONE of her dogs, Delilah.  I know...they're BOTH ADORABLE, right?!

So, why do you care? Well, this entire post is because of something very special that Sarah lives and breathes day after day.  She, and four of her amazing friends, formed together like a superhero force and have created what is known today as Operation Underdog. They are an astoundingly powerful rescue group that simply wouldn't tolerate inhumane treatment of animals any longer.  

 To help you understand a little better what is it is that they do, I will let Sarah answer a couple of questions for you.

Sarah's Response:

       “To us, an underdog can come in many forms. She is the skittish, hungry stray that slinks around outside of fast food restaurants, hoping that a kind soul will toss her something to eat. He is the dog tied in a backyard at the edge of someone’s property that shivers in the cold while he waits for his owner to add fresh water to the block of ice in his bowl.  The squirming pile of puppies in a cardboard box on the side of the road are all underdogs.  The bewildered dog that watches the only family that he ever knew hand over his toys and leash and walk out of the shelter without him is an underdog.
      As rescuers, our greatest feat is really a very simple act. We remove dogs from their negative circumstances. And it might come to a surprise to some people, but aside from vetting the ill and injured, the dogs really do the rest. Their resilience is astounding. We want people to understand that the title of underdog has nothing to do with a lack of potential or flaws in character. Their loyalty, their joy, their willingness to please, their desire to learn, and their capacity to love are all right there under the surface just waiting for someone to notice.”

I want to add that Operation Underdog is a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.  That means that they get their money solely on donations and by fundraising.  They have also been known to use their own money to save the animals in their care.  Their costs are great, and to prove that, I want to show you three of their recent vet bills. 

These bills are for a dog named Remus, whom you will meet in just a minute, and a sweet kitten that came into a shelter with her arm completely mangled.  They TOTAL OVER $1,500!  Again, these had to be paid with donations and fundraising.  

More from Sarah:

"We help animals that have been dealt a cruel hand in addition to the unfavorable circumstance of already being a stray or a shelter animal. It is our goal to help those most in need. This includes animals with all manners of injuries and illnesses who might not receive help elsewhere. In order to commit to animals experiencing medical emergencies or those in need of surgical procedures, we need to first be sure that we have ample funds to cover the needs of the animals that are already with our organization. Here are a few of our most recent medical emergencies and animals that required more extensive care."

As you can see, these women ARE making a huge difference, and I'm happy to report that the shelter that they formed to assist has made amazing strides in the last several years.  It has gone from a high kill facility, to a no kill facility.  Their efforts with the shelter now focus on assistance with transporting and fostering, due to its STILL overwhelming capacity.   

Often times we see a dog strapped to a tree and think to ourselves, "I feel so bad for that dog.  I wish there was something that I could do."  Or you see one of those sad commercials with Sarah McLaughlin singing "In the Arms of An Angel" in the background and turn the channel because it hurts too badly to watch.  Well, here's HOW YOU CAN HELP AAAAANNDD...get something in return!

I HAVE JOINED FORCES WITH SOME AMAZING WOMEN, as well!!  I'm pretty sure that you'll recognize most, if not all of them.  If you don't know some of them, well then you're in for a treat!  We came together to offer you THREE AMAZING teaching bundles.  With the support of TpT, Operation Underdog will have it's VERY OWN SHOP for the ENTIRE MONTH of November.  The proceeds go directly to Operation Underdog!  How awesome is that?!  The bundles are prices at MORE THAN 1/2 off, so to say that you would be getting a deal would be an understatement!  Spread the word and help this cause.  Help Operation Underdog save more animals from horrid shelter conditions.  

Here's what we're HAPPILY offering to you!

♥ Deanna Jump - Need for Speed Addition and Subtraction Fluency Practice
♥ Deedee Wills - Fall Roll, Say, Keep-Editable Sight Word and ABC Game
♥ Cara Carrol -  Do You Hear What I Hear? {The Ultimate CVCE Practice Packet!}
♥ Babbling Abby - Spelling for All Seasons {Part One}
Spelling for All Seasons {Part Two}
 Simply Skilled in Second - Writing Templates for Writing Centers and Interactive Notebooks
♥ Erica Bohrer - Classroom Pets
♥ Karen Jones - Word Family Sliders {with 39 short and long vowel word families}
 Susan Jones-TGIF - Phonics Poetry for Grades K-2
♥ Reagan Tunstell - Sight Word Stick Centers

♥ Teaching With A Mountain View - Money Task Cards { Coins & Dollars }
 Shelley Gray - Get Up and Move! {A Basic Operations Gallery Walk COMBO PACK}
♥ Amy Lemons - Workin' On Word Problems
♥ Lory Evans - Math Assessment - Money - How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?
♥ Deb Hanson - Main Idea & Details craftivity for lower grades (matching main idea & details)
♥ Ashleigh - Common Core Informational Writing - A Complete Writing Unit
 Flapjack Educational Resources - QR Code Math Fun Bundle (2nd-3rd Grade)
♥ Third Grade Thoughts - Revised Bloom's Taxonomy Bundle {Posters + Fiction Brochures}
 Tessa Maguire - Open Ended Passages and Questions for 2nd Grade
♥ Common Core and So Much More - 3rd Grade - 30 Reading Fluency and Comprehension Passages - Fiction & Nonfiction

♥ Runde's Room - Writing Revision Activity Bundle
♥ Nicole Shelby - Flippin' Through the CCSS: Flip Flaps for Reading Notebooks-Grades 3-5
♥ Kristine Nannini - Analyzing Characters Pack {Common Core Aligned}
♥ Blair Turner - Independent Reading Resource Pack
♥ Rachel Lynette - Informational Text Task Card Bundle: 3 Task Card Sets CCSS Aligned
♥ Joey Udovich - Fix It! Sentence Rings
♥ Jennifer Findley - Constructed Response Practice and Assessment CCSS Aligned {Paired Passages Set}
 Teaching In Room 6 - Character Traits in 5 Days: Lessons to Teach Character Traits
♥ The Science Penguin - Life Science Informational Text Cards
♥ Christi Fultz - Math Board Games with Task Cards Solve N Slide BUNDLE
♥ Ladybug’s Teacher Files - Editable for Numbering Genre Library Labels (Consistent Colors)
♥ Laura Candler - Math Stations for Grades 3 - 8

"By purchasing one or more of these bundles, you will be aiding in our vet bills, the cost of transportation, and supplies that are needed by SO many animals.  You are TRULY making a direct impact on the lives of many animals.  Operation Underdog is a nonprofit organization, so we rely solely on fundraising, events, and the charity of people simply wanting to help."

I will be doing a follow-up with Operation Underdog to show you how your contribution DIRECTLY is impacting some very needy animals.  I want you to know that you're not just giving this to "some organization," you are helping a long time friend of mine, along with her friends, to accomplish something truly wonderful.

Now, meet ALL of the ladies behind Operation Underdog!
I think, that as a very LARGE teaching community, we can say THANK YOU to Operation Underdog and to wonderfully persistent people such as them for giving so much of themselves.  I don't know how many times that I have said to Sarah, "I just don't know how you do it."  But somehow, she does.  

Take a look at Operation Underdog's current adoptables!
The following bios were written by the rescue.

Clarence is our Clooney. Are you his Amal? We can't resist a distinguished older gentleman. Clarence was a jolly intake at the local shelter. And even though he was loved by every single volunteer that he met, Clarence just couldn’t catch a break. No rescues were interested, no adopters wanted to take him home. We just could not get Clarence out of our minds. He was destined to be an underdog. Clarence is adored by his foster mom. He Is playful and sweet. He does well with the other dogs in the home,
is a champ at the grooming salon, and prefers to be near his human whenever possible.   

 Aahhhhh, Forrest. What can we say? This is one Casanova. He was the quintessential neighborhood tramp, but made friends wherever he went. He had many temporary homes in many yards and played with neighborhood children. Never staying for long; he eluded us multiple times. To our knowledge, we have rescued and sent two of his litters off to better lives. Though he makes beautiful babies, we couldn’t get him to the vet fast enough for a little alteration. Forrest is a master escape artist. He can climb most any fence or kennel but he is very content to be leash walked and is a wonderful house dog. He does very well with puppies ( no doubt because he likely expects that they could be his own:) Despite all of this, our rambling man is quite a catch. He is a loving and handsome boy who is finally ready to retire from the road and settle down.

Gorgeous Jade was surrendered to a shelter. Her former owners admitted that that had not fed her for a few days. She was terribly thin and her body language was very defeated. Somehow, her big eyes still shined with trust and despite what she had been through, she was sweet as can be. We took her into foster care, where she quickly made friends with all of the other animals in the house. She is described as happy and silly by her foster mom. And after experimenting with several types of food, Jade is finally looking like a healthy dog. Jade is a beautiful example of what happens when a bit of love is added to the equation.

Max lives and loves with all he’s got. His smile is contagious. He is exuberant and exceptionally sweet. It is hard to believe that Max was almost lost from this world simply because of a lack of space. Max teaches us that we should live life to the fullest, appreciate every moment, and always look on the bright side. He is ready to bring joy to a family. Max likes other dogs and has a great personality! He is about a year old and recently started basic training. 

Mercy is an amazing little pup! She came to us after she was found as a stray, injured and limping on one of her hind legs. We took her to the vet immediately and the x-rays revealed that her entire femoral head was broken off. She underwent FHO surgery the following day and is fully recovered. Mercy is 25lbs. She LOVES children. She does well with other dogs and cats.

On a chilly day in WV, a stray pup took rescue into his own hands. This tired, hungry, and cold boy turned his attention to groups of people entering a building nearby.  Time and time again, he followed them through automatic doors into a local pharmacy. None of them seemed interested in helping a little brindle pup. However, there was a little luck on the side of an underdog that day. A store employee happened to have daughter who loved animals and this daughter happened to volunteer at a local rescue group. They say you can get everything at CVS. Nephi got his second chance there.

Professional Snuggler Seeks Forever Lap!
We pulled Oso from the local shelter. He does well with children and other dogs and doesn't mind cats. Oso loves laps and playing with his doggie foster siblings that range in size from 15 to over 100lbs. He has a beautiful face and fantastic personality! He is about a year old and 50 pounds!

Are you looking for a pint sized pup with a ton of personality? If so, Rascal is your boy! This little beagle guy is about 15lbs and approximately a year old. He loves everyone and everything. His foster describes him as a perfect dog. Rascal was left behind when his previous family moved. The next individual who took him in was considering turning him loose in the woods to fend for himself. We want to make sure that Rascal gets the home and family that he truly deserves this time around. 

Remus was in a crowded kill shelter in southern WV.  He was believed to be an older senior and had some visible skin issues. Volunteers at the shelter reached out for us for help, but sadly we just didn’t have open foster homes. When the call came that his time was up, a co-founder took him home despite already being at full capacity herself. Remus went straight to the vet to be treated. Vets estimated that he was several years younger than volunteers predicted. Neglect and stress from life as a stray had taken its toll on his appearance. He was full of infection and needed to have surgery performed on both eyes. Remus is now enjoying life as a lazy, loved hound in his foster home. He is about 7 years old and lives currently with dogs, cats, and children. He is looking for a forever family.

Rosie and her two sisters were found as young puppies and were on route to the local animal shelter when the adult dog that was found with them showed signs of distemper. The puppies could not be taken into the shelter because it was too high of a risk to expose the other animals. If a foster home had not agreed to take them in, all three would have been euthanized. Amazingly, none of the puppies broke with distemper. Rosie’s sisters were adopted together into a loving home. Rosie was adopted and returned for pretty standard puppy behavior. She is now a year old and is a wonderful, quiet girl. She likes dogs and kids and she is known for her hilarious sleeping positions. Rosie is also a bit of a diva, as she was featured on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. We are looking for the perfect family for our starlet.

Ruby’s eyes had no sparkle. Some shelter dogs have a spark even in a crowded kennel environment. They wag their tails and sniff the ground with gusto when they are taken for walks. They place their front paws on kennels and bark playfully. “Pick me! Choose me! I am a fun loving friend. I am happy and carefree!” Ruby did none of these things. She was so frightened that she had to be carried at times.  To make matters worse, the staff and volunteers noticed what appeared to be a mammary tumor on her chest.  Ruby had no potential adopters or rescue groups asking about her.  And yet somehow, in a shelter with over 100 dogs, this little shrinking violet did not disappear into the background.  Volunteers felt a tug on their heartstrings.  We did, too.  When we asked if anyone would be interested in fostering a long term adoptable, (a sad, older elkhound mix) a collective cheer rouse up from the Operation Underdog family, and a foster committed right away to be Ruby's hero.  Ruby is an underdog and she has started to shine.  The smallest things make Ruby incredibly happy.  She loves to collect toys on her soft bed.  She likes other dogs and children.  We hop that there is a forever family out there who thinks that Ruby will be the missing piece of their family. 

Her name says it all! Sweetie is a darling girl. We are estimating her to be about 4 years old. She lives with other dogs currently and is doing very well with house training. She was a stray and was taken in by one of our fosters. She is about 25lbs, up to date on vaccinations, spayed, chipped and heartworm negative!

T bone is one of the cutest kittens that we have ever seen. He was rescued from the local shelter. He is missing a small piece of his ear, but we think that it just adds to his charm. He is affectionate and already litter trained. He does well with dogs too. 

If you're interesting in adopting one of these cuties, email Operation Underdog at

Please visit Operation Underdog on Facebook by clicking the link below.  "Like" their page to bring more awareness to animals in need.  Remember, WE can make a difference!

We spend money on so many things. Sadly, much of what we purchase ends up in the trash or on a dusty shelf somewhere in our home.  Today, why not decide to make a purchase that will not only make a difference in your classroom, but in the life of an animal.  You can feel good about supporting this cause for two reasons.  #1, you are getting some AMAZING teaching resources at more than 1/2 off!!  #2, you are making the difference in the life of an animal that would otherwise be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of shelter life.  They didn't choose shelter life, so let's help give them a chance by helping Operation Underdog rescue, vet, and transport these fur babies to a better home.

To visit these bundles, please click on either the pictures above, or the small pictures below.

From the absolute bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU for helping these animals.  The next time you need a furry friend, please consider getting one from your local shelter or rescue.  


  1. This is SO AMAZING! I'm happy to donate. I've also shared with my teacher friends, non-teacher friends (recommending them to buy the bundles for teachers they know). Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this. You are fabulous!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  2. Thank you SO MUCH, Melissa!! You are pretty fabulous yourself!

  3. This is such a nice gesture! Hope all these cuties land in great "forever" homes. So happy that many already have better lives. :)

  4. Hope looks a lot like my little sweetie, Dobby! So glad to be apart of this!!

    1. Hope is so sweet. Thank goodness that Operation Underdog was able to save her! Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of this...it means so much. XO!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am such an animal lover! I totally just became a leaky faucet with tears of joy over this awesome blog post. Being a total cat lady, I love T-Bone and wish that my giant babies would be accepting of him because I'd drive a state over to adopt him! I'm going to share their Facebook page with friends and share your bundles on my blog and FB too! What a wonderful, wonderful way to support the fur babies and show off the awesome humans that are giving them their time and love. Two thumbs and eight cat paws are up in our house for Operation Underdog!

    1. Aww...thank you so much, Rachel!!! Operation Underdog transports! The bundles being offered is going to help that happen!

  6. Thank you so much for undertaking this worthwhile fundraiser. I have adopted 2 different dogs (the first one died, and the next week I adopted another). I wouldn't do it any other way when there are so many homeless dogs. I'm sorry you lost your beautiful German shepherd on the last day of school, no less. Now you're doing this which is amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Susan. You are so sweet! I miss my shepherd more than words can begin to express. I've decided that I would use this way of helping other animals in honor of him. He was so special. I'm sure one of these rescues will find their way into my home and into my heart, as well!

      All the best!

  7. Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys