October Delights and PERFECT Sentences!

Last year at this time,  I was sitting on the dock of our friends' lake house making my Mean, Median, and Mode trifold center.  This year, I'm sitting by a beautiful, crackling fire of that very same lake house...loving life and working like crazy! I know, I know...who does that?!  Relax!! Right?  Well, I am...but I'm taking advantage of being able have others pitch in on watching my little ones.  Plus, I just like making stuff for my classroom kiddos. :)

It's been awhile since I have taken the time to write, but to be completely honest with you...life has been a bit hectic these days.  My mother-in-law has started chemotherapy and my husband has been super busy with work.  That leaves me working full time as a teacher and as a mommy. That's just the way that it goes.  I'm sure we can all relate to hectic times in our lives.  We push on and support one another all the while.  To get me through the chaos that has been my life, I have found some quiet time to sit down and create some pretty cool things for us!

I'd like to introduce my "Witch Craft!"  Haha...no, it's not witchcraft, folks.  :)  This whimsical, little lady is so much fun!  She's a combination of a Halloween writing activity, as well as a simple copy, cut, and glue activity.

Halloween is such a fun time for our family!  I always have a big party for my girls full of spooky lights, decorations, fun food, and I even put my husband on his tractor to give everyone a hayride through our neighbor's fields.  Bonfires, corn hole, and the cool air...what's not to love?!  

Here's the truth about my little witch.  She's been in the makes for the last year, but I just never got around to putting her onto TpT.  I hand drew some of her parts, and was new to putting my own drawings into a document.  I was SO nervous about what you guys would say, but at the end of the day...I'm still a teacher who DOES draw and copy to make cute things for my classroom.  Why not share it with you???  Here's a part of that document that you would be receiving...this is something that I drew, and guess what?  It does the job! :)

I included some fun story starters for you, as well as writing pages that have different-sized lines.  I'll let you choose which one you want to use! 

But how do you put it together??? Well, no worries!  I give you STEP-BY-STEP directions (WITH PICTURES) to take you and your students every step of the way.  It's super simple.  I made mine with construction paper, but I also give you the option of printing onto white paper and having your students color it instead.

I hope you like her as much as I do.  :)  Happy Halloween to all!

On to the next!
I got this idea, well, several times in the past five years as I checked my students' papers...oh my.  God bless them, but I would wager to say that 95% of my students, both past and present, struggle with building a proper sentence!  It breaks my little teacher heart.  Something HAD to change...it just had to!  I have the power to do SOMETHING...I CAN make a difference...but how?!  This went through my mind over and over and over again.  Until, BAM!  I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do.  I had to make something that would allow them to try their hand at fixing sentences with multiple errors, the same exact errors that I have been seeing for years!  However, in order to learn from these sentences, they needed a way to instantly check their corrections that they would be making to the error sentences.  This is what I came up with and I'm kinda liking it!

This is how I set it up in my classroom.  Clearly, folks, it doesn't take up much room. :)

I love the idea of putting things onto rings!  For some reason, my students are always more inquisitive about it and gravitate toward it.  That's fine by me!

I store my recording and answer sheets into folders.  I only used items that I already had in my classroom to put this entire center together.  Super simple!

If you look closely, you'll see a number in parentheses.  I have this on both the ring sentences and the answer keys.  Each number tells the students how many mistakes are in each sentence.  I have all of the mistakes noted in red on the answer keys.

I include an optional recording sheet that has larger spaces with lines inside of each box.  I noticed that my students were not using the space as I intended and wanted to include a second option for us. :)

Here's the preview that you would see on TpT.  This will give you a better idea of what you would be getting. :)

The idea behind this is to make writing a sentence, a paragraph, an essay...easier to write.  I want to make at least the structure of their sentences effortless.  I want to take away the fear of having their teachers proofread their work.  I want to give them CONFIDENCE that they nailed it every time!  Big dreams?  Not really...I'm pretty confident that after the intended practice that will come with this simple center will help them to be successful!


I have been off and on this couch throughout the day.  It's now 7PM and my day was FILLED with wonderful lake memories!  I'm signing off to go hug my family in front of the fire.  It doesn't get much better than this.  I sure hope you're having a great night wherever you are!