Yee Haw, Partners!

Teachers at my school district always had nice classrooms, but this year...THIS YEAR...they really busted out!  Thanks to TpT and inspiring classroom decorators, such as Schoolgirl Style, my fellow teachers have really stepped up their game in the 2014-2015 school year!  This week, I will be showing you a couple of classrooms that did just that.

I'll start with my buddy all the way down the hall that is a wonderful fourth grade teacher for our district.  Meet Mrs. Williamson!  

The magic starts as soon as you enter her room with her adorable custom wreath and string lights in the back corner of her classroom.

Okay, how cute is this?!  You'll soon see that ATTENTION TO DETAIL prevails in this western-themed room!  I couldn't snap enough pictures, so I hope that I do it some justice. :)

She got these custom pod baskets for her students through a company called Thirty-One.  These color coded bins are ready to go for her students when they need classroom supplies for all of her adorable projects.

 Okay, check out her desk!!  She covered it in burlap, found a GREAT sign for the front and added a couple of fun cacti to the sides for a super special accent.  LOVE!

Here's a better look at the front of her desk. :)

 This is Mrs. Williamson's calendar and pencil area.  How cute?!

I'm not sure how cuter this student information center could get.  I'm a sucker for lighting in a classroom and the tree is perfect!

By hanging curtains and fun western-themed pennants, her students will be happily greeted each morning.  She didn't stop there...check out the sunflowers that she added to tie it all together!  Just how much time do you think she has invested in this classroom so far??

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!  For me, this is nothing more than adding warmth and a sense of home to a classroom environment.  Some of our kiddos simply don't have that in their homes, so knowing that they can come to school and get that very feeling is such a gift.

Wait until you see these pictures!!  Check out her "Creative Writers Wanted" bulletin board header!!  I didn't ask, but I'm guessing that she'll either be adding their photos or some really wonderful writing to her "Wanted" posters.  

She has her "Reading Round-Up" board for all things ELA.  Too cute!

Check out this table that she also got for super cheap!!  How about that rug?!!  I know, I know...the stinkin' jeans not the backs of the chair for storage?!!  I about died when I saw this.  What a fun learning space for her students!

Why not add custom lamps that she made and adorable paisley folders to the mix?? FUN!

Here's her cow-themed math corner.  

Oh yes, she did!!  I'm telling you, she didn't skip a beat when it came down to details!  She said that she found these at the dollar store and couldn't pass them up.  Besides that, everyone wants a sanitary classroom! Ha!

 "Saddle Up for Science" bulletin board -- I love how she has it all set up for her first lesson and the fact that it's interactive!

Here are a couple of adorable bulletin boards that she has created.  She ordered these shutters from a party supply website.  Again...floored by the attention to detail!!

This kills me that this picture is a little blurry...ugh.  However, I need to get over it because I just want you to see how cute this is!  I love her play on words. :)

This is the top part of her desk. So cozy!!

This is just a small table at the front of her classroom.  She covered it in a denim-type fabric, added a black and white cowbell, and a few other country touches...yee haw!

I believe that she was going to be tracking attendance with these adorable cowboy and cowgirl signs!

Look at the twine that ties together her daily work bins and her EXTREMELY comfortable rocking chair.  

Well, partners...what do ya think?!  A-MAZ-ING, right?!!  I say "great job, Mrs. Williamson!"  Furthermore...I think it's wonderful that she loves her job so much to put all of this time and money into making her student's home away from home so special.  

There are a couple of other classrooms to come.  I wish I could show them all, but there's just not enough time in the day!  Way to go to each of the teachers in my school district and all of the teachers throughout the world who are working hard like Mrs. Williamson.  It says so much about their love for teaching and for the love that you are showing each child that enters your classroom.

Mrs. Williamson used a dear friend of mine's western classroom decor pack to help stick with the theme of her classroom.  You can find it here at FlapJack Educational Resources.