Giving Back With A Classroom FULL of Goodies!

...and get ready to smile and be INSPIRED!

A short time ago I was contacted by Office Depot to help them celebrate something kind of special.  They are taking the time, during this chaotic back to school season, to reach out to teachers just like us!  They are doing a WONDERFUL job of bringing awareness to just how much teachers give of themselves and decided that it was time we got something in return.  Are you smiling yet? :)  Yes, someone is ACTUALLY acknowledging our hard work!!!

The truth is that we ALL have stories that could inspire.  Why?  Because we are teachers.  This is what we do.  We entered the world of education by a small flame that was lit in our hearts somewhere along the way.  Perhaps it was the inspiration from a former teacher, or just an absolute urge to have a direct affect on our world's future.  Whatever the reason may be...we DO change lives every. single. day.  Yahh for us!!!

So, speaking of Office Depot giving back, they gave me a little something for spreading awareness about their little campaign!  I will have a link to get you to the awesome products that I'm going to be showing you at the bottom of this post, so be sure to check it out. Did I mention that there would be some SWEET deals for each of you, as well??!!

Take a peek into my bag!!

Just so you know, this makes me really happy.  When I was a little girl and someone would ask me what my favorite color was, my honest answer was..."I can't pick just one.  My favorite color is the RAINBOW!"  TRUE STORY, folks.  So, this little bag of goodies is candy for my eyes. :)

Nothing that I'm about to share with you is earth shockingly unique, but in teaching, sometimes simplicity is the key...and a little creativity and innovation can go a long way!  So let's check out how I use these adorable goodies in my classroom.

I have been filling in my Ultimate Teaching Binder with these fine tipped pens.  I am not going to lie, I'm a little picky about my pens, but friends...these really are wonderful!  So far, I have filled out a million binder pages (hyperbole), a couple of reward charts, and quite a few "to-do" lists for my classroom with these bad boys.  I actually prioritize my lists by using different colors.  If it's RED, that means that it needs to get done PRONTO!!  If it's BLUE, it needs to get done in within the next couple of days.  AND...if it is GREEN...well, let's just say that I have at least a week to finish it.  There is also a fourth and very important color in this pack, and that would be BLACK!  Love it!

Next up, I'll dig deeper into my love for all things colorful and talk about my new collection of fine point Sharpies!  I'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

These Sharpies worked SO WELL on my anchor charts!  It was so much fun choosing the colors that I was going to use.

Naturally...I am using MANY colors. :)  What else would I do??

Let's stay on the marker "train" for a second.  I DO love my Sharpies, but they are my white boards' enemy!! That's why I was so thankful that Office Depot sent me these COLORFUL dry erase markers to use with my kiddos!  Below, you can see how I have my kids use different colors to chunk their thought process during a lesson on the order of operations.  It really works beautifully and allows both the students and us, the teachers, to track their thought process while solving the problems.

Let's talk about simple entertainment while our students are learning.  Yes, entertainment and learning are DEFINITELY in the same sentence, especially with these ADORABLE interchangeable mechanical pencils!!  Let's face it, when we get the opportunity to make things all our own and to truly customize something for our own personal wants and needs...we DO it & we LOVE it!
This set of pencils comes with interchangeable caps and erasers, so that our students can have fun mixing, matching, and perhaps exchanging colors!  I have to admit, I had SO MUCH FUN making different color combinations myself!  Here's a couple of other pictures to show you just how much fun I had!

Here's what you get...

Here's what you can do!!

In all honesty, you could use these as a terrific reward for your kiddos.  I'm PROMISING you that they will flip over these pencils!!

My last, but certainly not the least, product that I'll show you are my highlighters!  I have been using highlighters for years, but I always get the clunky, circular, take up too much space, highlighters.  Check out these little slim jims!!  This may sound silly, but they just felt good when I held them in my hand.  They will certainly save me a little space in my desk!

There really are so many uses for highlighters, but I'll show you a couple of ways that I utilize them.  The first use is something that I'm going to be doing on Monday during my school's inservice days.  I LOVE me some data...and these highlighters came in super handy while picking a part last year's state exam scores.  I color-coated the assessment, so that I could make a quick documentation of each child's testing level.  

A great way to get your students to really look closely at the content of a question and the information in a passage is by having them highlight key words and/or phrases in both the questions and in the passages that they read.  I have gotten really great feedback from my students on this simple approach to read more closely...the's a good thing. :)

I don't have a picture, but since this pack comes in three colors, you could have students highlight various skills in different colors.  For example, you could use the green highlighter to have students find the words in a text that provide evidence of a certain point of view.  You could use the yellow highlighter to find three examples of figurative language, and pink to identify transition words throughout a text.  Easy peasy...and EFFECTIVE!

If you like the products from my post and want to check out some special discounts just for YOU, click HERE!!!

THANK YOU for stopping by my blog to watch, read, and learn about this wonderful effort to bring awareness to all that we do.  I stand and applaud each and EVERY one of you!!!  GREAT JOB, my fellow teaching comrades!!  GREAT BIG hugs of thanks and praise to you as we journey together back to school this year.  Remember to inspire in all that you do.  Be your your best, and try your best.  You are sculpting our future!!

Stay tuned...

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