Simply Stupendous Symmetry in 309

Okay, I'm wiping the dust off of my blog again...and smiling the entire time!  Why??!  Well, folks, our state exams are OVER!!  Woo hoo!!  Now, let's cross our fingers (and our toes) in hopes that our results will be just as exciting.  What a crazy time in a teacher and student's life.  No matter how much you prepare your kids throughout the school year, there really does seem to be an inevitable CrUnCh time!  I am so proud of my students. I have a truly wonderful, sweet group of kids this year.  I promised each of them that there would be more time for projects after our exams, so I am living up to that promise with a few FUN and creative activities that you'll be seeing over the next week. :)  So here's a look at our first one.

This is a project that I do every year, but each year I change the theme.  One year we made butterflies, another was an intricate geometric shape, etc.  This year, we made robots!  Check them out. :)

Here is how they looked in the hallway. :)

I'm always excited to see what my students' creativity makes!  I think they did a great job!  Even better, they enjoyed this project SO much that they created a couple more, just because they wanted to!

Stay tuned for a mitosis project and freebie to go with it, as well as something that I have named "Constellation Math!"  You won't want to miss them!

Thanks for stopping by...have a wonderful Friday tomorrow!


  1. Joey,
    Do you have a file with directions for this? This would be perfect for next week during testing!

    1. I don't have directions, because it is SUPER SIMPLE! I just had them find the middle line on graphing paper and start designing. I created one on our Hovercam and onto the Smartboard to show them how you count each square and then replicate the same thing on the other side of the symmetry line. I also tell them NOT to wait until one side is completely done, that they should build both sides each step of the way, one right after the other. They love the freedom to create, and it's really as simple as that! I hope that helps. :)


  2. Love, love, love this! I'm doing this with my kiddos when we come back from break for sure! Thanks so much for sharing this, Joey. You made my day...too cute!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  3. Love these!! We may to start them today if we finish our state test and have some extra time. :)