Spring Cleaning

Have you ever had the itch to just clean out and get rid of stuff you don't need or clean up to stay focused on what really matters?  Well, that's where I am in my life.  I want to be able to spend more time with the kids, less time doing house chores, and less time doing work outside the classroom.  So, what better way to do this than to clean up my Teachers Pay Teachers Wish List and hone in on the items I think would benefit my kiddos the most.  Here is a step by step for my computer and TPT Spring Cleaning:

1-Comment on all of my purchases I have made in TPT.  I am always so excited to have the new purchase that I forget to go back and comment and rate the seller.  YOU KNOW YOU GET CREDIT POINTS FOR DOING THIS???  I just think that is sooo cool!  

2-Open my wish list and add the items to my cart that I just cant live without any more.  

3-I'm going to purchase these items after, and only after, I have all my credits towards future purchases (remember-I'm a cheapskate and love a sale).  

4-I'm going to shop at this wonderful Spring Cleaning Sale my favorite shops have going on this weekend.  

Here are two of my "can't live without" items that I use in my classroom (and my best sellers in my little TpT shop!)  Click on the pictures for a closer look!


Let's pick up our virtual brooms and clean up our wish lists during this awesome sale!  Here's a link to Georgia Grown Kiddo's to see who else is at this little Spring Sale party!!

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