Time for a Hike and a Giveaway!!

Get your hiking shoes out of the closet and canteens from your garage...we're going on an AdVeNturE!  Okay, leave your shoes in the closet but you may want to find a pair of slippers and a cup of tea...we ARE going on an adventure, but not one that will require much effort on your part.  Good news, right?  As teachers, we're busy enough...time to relax and get inspired!

So here's the deal,  a number of fellow intermediate teacher-bloggers have joined to provide you with blog-hopping fun this last week of January.  Perhaps snow covers the ground outside where you are reading this from (it certainly is in PA), making a real outdoor hike out of the question...so we thought we would offer you a trail to "hike along" from the comfort of your couch!  Join me as I introduce you to my friend Jennifer Runde and a little something that she has to offer for each of us!

This has truly been a year of "interaction" within our classrooms!  There are SO many great interactive notebooks for our students that at times it's a bit overwhelming.  Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that Runde's Room offered one of the first interactive math resources that TpT has to offer.  I'm sure that if you've visited TpT, you've seen this beautiful cover page!

Let me begin by saying that if you are teaching it in Math, you will find it in here!  This resource is 165 pages that cover a VAST amount of our math curriculum.  Jen provides a table of contents for easy finding, which I really appreciated.  It is extremely well-organized and she even provides detailed pictures, instructions, and examples for each lesson!  Wow!!  Be sure to read my post first and see all of the great pictures, but afterward, simply click on the picture above to get a better look at this fantastic product in her TpT store! 

Let's step into my classroom, shall we??
The pictures that you are about to see are from a lesson that concentrated on factors, multiples, composite, and prime numbers.  My students and I covered this material in class, so this was simply something that reinforced those skills.  (There is a lot of reinforcement these days with our PSSA exams approaching!)

Here's the cover of my journal.  The journal itself was SUPER cheap.  I believe that I purchased it for 50 cents at the start of the school year! 

I complete the journal page right along with my students so that they can stop and discuss the topic, as well as get step-by-step directions.  It works out much better this way in my classroom. :)

Here is what my table of contents looks like.  Simple and effective!

These are a few sample pages from my journal that my students and I have completed.

Here is what we were working on this week!

Print, cut, fold, glue...done!

Here are a few pictures of my kiddos working on this page. :)

I have a confession to make.  I'm IN LOVE with my Smart Board and my Hovercam!!!  Together, they make the perfect combination, allowing my students to see even the smallest things up close!

Here's a picture of my adorable students putting their journals back after an hour and a half of hard work!

So, what are the benefits of an interactive math journal? 
 Well, let's ask some of my students...

Me: "Class, I'm going to be writing about this math journal on my blog, so I'm curious what you like about it.  "

Student #1: "Mrs. Udovich, I like it because we don't have to stare at a book during Math class."

Student #2: "I like it because it helps me remember!"

Me: "Why do you think it helps you remember better than simply reading it and doing board work?"

Student #2: "Because we talk about it, practice it, and I think something happens when I think about it and write it down in my book.  It's like I'm making something with my hands, which helps me remember what it looks like."

Me: "You're right!  I have found that when I make something visual that it's much easier to remember in the future.  Do you think this should be something we should continue throughout the school year?"

Class: "YES!"

Thumbs up for our Interactive Math Journals!

Now, to help with your exercise for the day, here's what you need to know about our hike and giveaway!
Hiking Tips 
-Start anywhere along the trail!

-Along the way, stop by each blog and read about the resources swapped between bloggers.

-Enter to win the resource that is featured at each blog in the raffle below (the same raffle is at each blog, so you can just add to your entries as you go!). While you are at each blog, if you’re not a blog follower already, sign on to follow! (You can earn bonus entries for following all blogs once you unlock the additional entries.)

-The raffle is open until midnight on January 31, so feel free to take a break from your hike, rest up, and finish it later! 

One winner will receive the entire set of resources being featured by all 14 collaborating bloggers AND a $25 TpT gift certificate! 

Here’s the list of blogs to "hike" to: 
Swap Stop A

Swap Stop B 

Swap Stop C 

Swap Stop D 

Swap Stop E 

Swap Stop F 

Swap Stop G 
 Well, friends, settle in on your couch and grab the granola. It's time to get your hike on! :)


  1. Hi Joey! Question about your interactive math journals. Do you allow your students to take their journals home to use the material in their journal to study with? Just curious.

    1. Hi there! I haven't let my students take them home, knowing that the majority of them probably wouldn't be returned. It has simply been a tool that is utilized in the classroom. I guess it would depend on your classroom and how responsible your kiddos are. It IS a wonderful way to reinforce math skills.

  2. Hello! I love your interactive journals as well as I'm Lovin Lit's reading notebooks, My question is....is it really important for them to be in composition style notebooks?? Do spiral notebooks work out ok as well? This year we have spiral notebooks, but I'm wondering if I should change up our supply list for next year.

    1. Hi, Ashley! I wish I could take credit for this product, but it's actually my friend Jennifer's. We swapped products to test them in each other's classrooms. As for the notebook...a spiral notebook would be just as good, if not BETTER! Some of my pages want to come out, so I would actually recommend the spiral notebook to you. :) Thanks for stopping by! You can check out my interactive product if you click on "Runde's Room" at the bottom of my post! :)

  3. I love the interactive notebooks and interactive journals in this blog hop/giveaway. I have saw these being done in field experiences and they are beneficial and hands on for students to learn.