Hip Hip Hooray!! TpT's 100k!

After receiving 100,000 likes on facebook, Teachers pay Teachers decided to have a site wide flash sale!  They invited all of the sellers to participate...so of course I joined in!  All of the products in my store will be discounted through Tuesday, October 14th. :)  Come stock up!

Here's a look at just a FEW of the goodies that you can come get on sale!!  

Vladstudio Addiction!!

I always struggle with what I need to be posting on my blog.  I wait until I have a ton of pictures and what-nots to share with all of you, and then I post, but why wait!!??  I definitely feel like THIS is worth sharing...I realized this for the first time this morning, while I decided to change my desktop wallpaper (yet again!). :)

So here's the deal, I have had a slight addiction for quite a few years now.  I found out about a website years ago that had some AWESOME desktop wallpapers that were available FOR FREE!!  You may be thinking, "Are you serious?  Why do I care?"  However, if you're anything like me, every little thing counts in your classroom.  I want to feel happy and inspired, even when I'm looking at my computer or my students' computers in the back of my classroom!  

Check out some of these adorably inspiring wallpapers that you can get!!

If you want to join my Vladstudio parade, click on the link below...have fun picking your newest addiction!

All Things Interactive Giveaway!

It's time for a GiVeAwAy!!  Yah!  I am so excited to be hosting this fantastic interactive giveaway!  Just wait until you see who I've invited!

We can't deny it...we are in an interactive movement in our classrooms!  We are surrounded by kiddos that want to move, touch, talk, and INTERACT with what they're learning!  We are SO fortunate that we have teachers that provide such awesome resources that make this type of classroom environment possible!  I'm just happy to say that I'm one of them!  After sharing my classroom in my previous post, I hope that you could see that I really do try to keep my students moving and interacting with one another.  Here...have a look!  (These aren't my best pictures...I forgot my camera and had to use my phone!)  Nonetheless...it worked! :) 

Here's one of my kiddos working on a story from my Interactive Writing Center! His love of farming led to a great story that involved tractors and typical farm life for an eleven year old boy!

Here are a couple of my girls practicing their weekly words during their Daily 5 Word Work.

More word work...I love my magnetic letters (and so do the kids)!

Who said that fifth graders wouldn't like letter beads to practice spelling?  This is their favorite center!

I love my kiddos!!  Now for our giveaway!!!

Click to take a look at the prizes and the awesome TpT sellers offering them to all of you!  
Get a closer look at their blogs by clicking 
on the links below the pictures. :)


*Nicole will give away the notebook of the winner's choice!

*Deb will be donating these five products that would work PERFECTLY in any interactive project!

*Jennifer will be donating the fourth or fifth grade notebook of your choice!

Have FuN checking out our links, but please remember that can only enter this giveaway on one blog!  Please do not enter on multiple blogs, as it is all "going into the same pot!" :)

Thank you for your participation...now it's time to get started!  
Enter AwAy!!

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