Working "OvErTiMe!" -- and LOVING it! let out "officially" last Friday, but somewhere on my clock...the school day kept ticking!  Oh wait a minute...that was just my million ideas for next year's classroom floating around in my head!  I had a moment within the last month of school where I looked at my room and decided that it was getting a complete overhaul!  The "change bus" was pulling into the station and I was getting on.  So many things inspire me and I can look at 500 different classrooms on Pinterest, but I always come back to me.  So what does that mean?  Well, after much thought on how I would approach my new found classroom changes, I decided that no matter what happened...color was the word of the day.  COLOR!!  So that's just what I did...with a little black and white polka dot accent to it.

So here we go...
Step 1 of "room overhaul" - draw up the blueprints, of course!  Yes, folks, the once-upon-a-time "Art Club President" still draws, but now instead of doing it for Yum Yum Donut's windows, I am doing it for my classroom!  Here are a couple of very rough sketches, but this is how I started...

(No...those are not stars that you are seeing.  That is actually my fairy godmother that's going to pop out of these pictures and make all of my classroom dreams come true...and cover the cost of all expenses, too!  Only if...)

Step 2 - STAPLES!
Let me just say this.  If you want QUALITY printing and laminating that pretty much transforms your projects into plastic...get it done professionally!  I did spend quite a fortune this week...around $80 to be exact...on copying and laminating my projects, but at the end of the day, it was worth it!  The color just pops and the durability can NOT be matched!  Let's not mention the fact that I was at the Staples counter top for an hour cutting out my project piece by piece - 27 pages - multiple items on each page -- and then laminated them -- and then had to cut them out AGAIN!  It BETTER be worth it!  Here's a look at some stuff that I had competed:

By the way...I will be making this into a product for my TpT store in the near future, along with my 100 other projects that are nearly finished, lol.  I have pennants and an alphabet line to go with it, too! 

Step 3 - Put it up, step back and look, eh...not quite right...take it down, put it back it!
I can't tell you how many times I have done this sequence of placing things in my room, but this year I am going to be extra picky.  I want things how I want them.  I am bound and determined to be super organized this school year, and for me...that starts with a streamlined environment.  I'm meticulous!  

These boards are bare now...but stay tuned because that will all change near the end of summer.  :)   I'm going for the bright colors and black and white polka dot theme.  I redid the color combinations twice.  (Not fun.)

In case you're wondering, my "Hot SPOT" board is where I will keep school calendars, upcoming events, etc. for the kiddos to look at.  I have SO many bulletin boards that I don't mind if one isn't educational.

Here's a bulletin board that I worked on today.  I spent three hours last night making those little owls out of felt, thread, and glue for this tree!  I'm sooo glad that I did!  They turned out pretty cute if you ask me. :)  So the concept behind this tree is to "Grow while we learn."  Every time we learn, practice, and master a new Common Core Standard, a leaf will be placed on the tree with that standard on it!  I am going to try to make the leaves available for every grade level by the end of summer.  If you're interested, be sure to follow  my TpT store.  This is a great way to get updates on my latest products. You will be notified as soon as they are made.

Step 4 - Back to the drawing board and making lists.

A little bit more...

 I was tired of looking at the same boring clipart and colors, so I jazzed it up a bit and made it my own!  What you don't see are the playing cards, student star labels, and little bit more... ;)  

You can find this in my TpT store at the following link...I hope you like it! :)

Another owl and a great find...

I found this dry erase calendar at TJ Maxx the other day for $14!  I didn't add my own pictures, but I think it's a great alternative for a calendar! :)  Don't mind the dirty fingerprints on the frame...or the photos that came with the frame, lol.  All of that will be in tip top shape come August.

Well, I hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peek into my classroom for the fall!  I am "on fire" with ideas and can not wait for my next group of kiddos to come move on in!  It's going to be a wonderful year. :)

Thanks for catching up with me!
Have a good one...


  1. I redid my room last summer with new colors, themes, and what not. Your classroom looks amazing! I cannot wait to see it this summer and next fall!

  2. Your room looks FABULOUS! So cute...I'm borrowing a few ideas. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Great ideas! The products you made will be totally worth it! You can be proud that you did it yourself. I love the "learning tree" what a novel concept. The tree itself is very eye catching and appealing to everyone who comes into your room. Make sure that you take some time for yourself now that your holidays have started! You deserve a break too!

  4. Thanks, girls! I will keep you guys posted on some of my fun summer projects that will find a home in my classroom this fall. :)

  5. It looks amazing! I love how bright every thing looks. It makes me smile :)
    My Second Sense

  6. Looks like you're off to a great start! Love those bright color and the cute 'lil owls!


  7. This looks great! Congrats on having so much done this early into the summer. I need to follow your example!

  8. Your classroom looks fabulous! I agree, professional printing and laminating is the way to go! I'm so glad I found your blog (through TpT)! I added your teacher binder to my wish list. Happy to be following you now. :)

    Read With Me ABC

  9. Oh I forgot to mention that I'm in PA too. :)

    1. Hi Wendy! Thanks for messaging me! Where in PA do you live? I'm sorry that I didn't reply sooner. I have been super busy and my blog has been put on temporary hold with my life at the moment. I do have a couple of things "up my sleeve," but it really hasn't gotten much attention from me lately. :( Thanks for wish listing one of my binders! I appreciate it! I've had fantastic feedback so far, so I think you'll find it super useful. :)

      I look forward to hearing from you!

  10. I absolutely love the erasable calendar frame! I'll be heading down to TJ Maxx today to see if I can find it!

  11. I LOVE the tree idea!!!! This is phenomenal!!! I am going to try and do this! Thank you for the idea! I also love that you are using fabric as your boarder covers. Great idea! Looking into this too. :)

    I am your newest follower! Please come over to my blog and follow me back! :)


    Hooo-Ray For Teaching