Simply ScIeNcE!!

Room 309 stepped into the world of Science this past week.  It was such a relief, not having to worry about the hustle and bustle of standardized exams!  You could literally see the relief in my students' eyes...and I'm sure mine, as well! 

So what did we do?  Well, we put to test four different experiments and had some very interesting results!  Let me take you through our scientific journey and share what we found worked and also what didn't work.  Be sure to read on to learn about a couple of great resources, if you want to have a day of science with your kiddos!

Experiment #1 - CO2 Balloon Inflation

I was SUPER excited to do this one with my kiddos!  We followed the directions to a "T", take a look!

So did it work??  NOPE!!  What's supposed to happen and how does it happen?  Well, you combine water, baking soda, and lemon juice, which then causes a chemical reaction that releases CO2 gasses.  Before all of the gasses are released from the mixture, you place the balloon over the tip of the bottle so that it will inflate.  Well folks, it filled with a little bit of the gas, but this one was a flop.  I tried it again when I got home, but this time with vinegar, which was suggested as a substitute for the lemon and well, it didn't work either. 

Okay, moving on...

Experiment #2 - Tornado In A Bottle

This was super easy.  In the pictures, you see me holding the bottle, but what you don't see is the tornado inside of it! 


This was SUPER easy, and to be quite honest...this may be better for primary kiddos.  All that you need is water, liquid detergent, and some glitter, which helps you to see the tornado better.  We actually ended up putting some food coloring into the bottle afterwards, which made it more interesting.  To create the tornado, you simply move the bottle in a circular motion and then stop.  The water continues to move. I passed it around and each of my students had a chance to do it, as well. :)

Experiment #3 - Homemade Lava Lamp

Boy-oh-boy did we have fun with this one!  Let's check out the pictures and I'll tell you more about the experiment so you can do it, too!  (You're going to want to!!)

The ingredients are super basic...water, oil, food coloring, and Alka Seltzer!  Now watch what happens when you combine them!
In the first picture, you see that the food coloring has dripped down into the water.  That was really neat to watch, actually.  It looked like tiny beads falling into the water and once it hit the water, it dispersed and filled it with color!
In the second picture, you see me dropping in a small piece of an Alka Seltzer tablet. 
In the third picture, you can see the reaction!  Again, you are seeing a CO2 reaction, but this time, it's as though it's fighting the oil, because as the bubbles come to the top, they resist the oil and literally fall back down!  My kiddos' jaws were dropped and they couldn't believe what they were seeing!  Also, the bigger the piece, the bigger the reaction. This was really great! 
Let's step outside...
Experiment #4 - Mentos and Diet Coke
This experiment has become very popular, but for's a classic and one that my kids would do ALL day if they had a chance!  I purchased a kit for this that makes this experiment a success 100% of the time!  Let's take a peek at the fun we had...

The only problem that I had with this experiment was the fact that I didn't have 24 bottles -- one for each student!  Believe me...they still had a great time!
There are four different tips that come with the kit for this experiment.  One has a simple slit in the top, another is made up of three small holes, another is in the shape of a circle, and the last one is in a cross shape.  It was decided by Room 309 that the triple-holed tip produced the highest fountain, with the circle shape coming in as a close second. :)
We had a great day with our experiments and I hope that we have inspired you to have a day filled with science, as well!  If you would like to try some of these experiments, here are a couple of resources that I would recommend:
Just click on the book to follow a link to!  If you scroll down, you can even purchase the kit for the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment. :)
Here's also a great online resource that's FREE:
Best wishes and happy teaching!


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