promised! :)

Thanks to all of our giveaway entrants!  You guys are awesome!  I can't wait to see who the VERY lucky winner will be!  If you didn't enter, please scroll down and enter through our Rafflecopter widget!! Time is running out, so do it fast!

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Have a wonderful Monday!

Let's PaRtY!! School's (Almost) Out!

End of the year fun and post-testing party time!  Wooo hooo!!  I shook things up a bit this week in Room 309.  I decided to have a little fun and bring a little bit of a party atmosphere to my kiddos after all of their hard work.  They certainly deserved it!  Let's just say...they weren't complaining when I started this lesson on past, present, and future tense verbs. :)

So if this seems like something you would want to do with your sure to grab my freebie that goes with it!

Let's get on to the good stuff and take a look at the fun we had!

~ PrEpArE ~
1. Print out the freebie (on Monday ;)
2. Cut out the verbs
3. Roll the verbs into little coils
4. Stuff the balloons (I put two verbs in each)
5. Blow up the balloons

6. Put the "Past, Present, and Future Tense" signs on a wall
7. Give each student a balloon
8. Let them pop them one by one
9. Read the verbs inside each balloon
10. Finally...tape the verb onto the appropriate tense sign
11. RePeAt!! :)

I'm pretty sure they had a good time...what do you think??


Learning can be so much fun, no matter what time of the year it is, but it seems like we all appreciate a good time a little more after the grueling preparation for our standardized exams.  The best teachers that I had in school were the ones that got me out of me seat...and that's how I approach teaching..hands-on and interactive!  We had a great time with this activity and I'm hoping that you enjoyed reading about it! 

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Here's a peek at some of the other items in my store... :)

Have fun and have a wonderful rest of your school year!
Hugs to all of you...

Guest Blog and Freebie!

Yah!!  It's just about that time!  I'm going to be the guest blogger for "All Things Upper Elementary" all day today!  You don't want to miss it!  If you need some help with Earth Day, or would like to see pictures from the last week with my on the "Guest Poster" button below. :)

Thanks for taking the time to check it out...I think you'll be glad you did. :)

Here's a little peek at what you will see...

Where have I been and where am I going?!

I have to admit, after my crazy month and a half with my family, things haven't slowed down that much.  School has been a whirlwind of PSSA testing, which is still going on this week!  I feel the need to soak up every possible second with my kiddos to help them do the best that they can. 

There is so much pressure to do well on both the teachers and on the students.  There have been so many times that they have simply shut down...actually, I feel like that myself at times! Anyhow, that's where I've been. 

Now, as for where I'm going...

On the 19th, which is this Friday, I will be guest blogging for one of my online buddies, Jennifer Findley, at All Things Upper Elementary.  I will have a really great Earth Day giveaway that you guys can grab!  I will make sure to blog about it on that day, as well, in case you forget to check it out. :)

I have been talking to one of my cyber friends, Krystal Mills, from Lessons From The, and she and I are going to be collaborating on an end of the year blog hop / giveaway!  I am super excited for this.  We have allowed ten other of our intermediate buddies to join in on the fun, as well!  Stay tuned for further details, which will be coming very soon!  It's something that you won't want to miss, so be sure to check back. :)

Okay, I'm off to give another round of PSSAs...wish us luck!

There's nothing "standard" about it! Let's get ready!

So, it's time to soak every possible second full of interactive learning time!  Our state exams are upon us and it's crunch time.  No matter what and/or how you prepare your kiddos through the year, you find yourself looking for any way to grab your students' attention and to maintain it!  So in honor of that, I wanted to present my "Math Madness: Common Core Interactive Math Game" to all of my blog lookers and followers!  I have had it posted for quite some time and it seems to be one of my most popular products.  I took the time to research and pick through the Common Core Math Standards to create this incredibly fun and interactive game for your students!  I hope you like it and see its benefits in it, just as I do!


Goodluck to all on your state exams and be proud of yourself for another successful and hard-working school year!