Lift the dark cloud...please!

No...I did not fall off of the face of the earth, although, I wanted to at times over the past several weeks!  My husband underwent back surgery on a Thursday.  On the way home, I get a phone call from my mother who was watching my girls...that my youngest was vomiting...never a good sign.  To sum that up...13 times in two hours...poor thing.  Then, that same night, my oldest daughter got sick.  That Saturday, I got the same thing and was completely immobile, in bed, for two days and barely made it to work that Monday.  While at work on Monday, I get a phone call from my husband who said that he was sick now, too!  Needless to say...I bleached and sanitized my ENTIRE house!  He was/is still recovering from back surgery at that point, I am cleaning like crazy, taking 4 credits online, working full time, and trying to keep everyone healthy.  Fast forward a few washer broke, I got a second round of the flu and couldn't work for three days (during work Writing PSSA...ugh)....and my youngest got pink eye!!!!

Soooo....needless to say, my blog, TpT, and TN took a back seat.  The girls are doing great, my husband's back is wonderful, and my house is clean!  I think God waited to make everything better until I found humor in it.  It was during the last week of chaos when I was healing, that I looked at my husband and belly laughed!  At that point, I knew it was going to be okay...and it was.

Due to the madness in my life, I dedicate this post to looking up and toward brighter, better days.  I also dedicate it to the fact that I am sooo very blessed to have such a wonderful, healthy family who I have BIG love for.

Be well and keep posted...more to come!


  1. Wow!! I've been wondering how things were going for your family! I know you posted in the TPT forums awhile back about how things were going to be crazy. I'm sure you didn't think they would be THIS crazy. :)

    God has a way of making us stop when He knows we need to, but we didn't know we did. :)

    1. Thank you for thinking of me. :) All is well right now, so we are looking forward to some brighter days ahead! This will be a wonderful year!