Welcome April...welcome spring!

I have one bulletin board just for my calendar.  I change it every month, and decorate it for the season, holiday, etc.  So here's what I can up with for the month of April!  I used my fake snow from Christmas for my clouds...I think they turned out pretty cute!  I wanted to hand some from the ceiling, but I ran out of time.  (Maybe when I return next Tuesday!)

So what do you think?!  How do you change your room for the seasons and/or holidays?  Do YOU have any good tips to share??

Have a wonderful rest of your week and have a wonderful Easter!
Hugs from me to you,

Creating Art Through Math...Exploring Circles!

In fifth grade, we are teaching our kiddos about diameter, radius, and circumference.  We teach them about geometric shapes and what makes them the shapes that they are.  So, to make learning these concepts a little more interesting, I have combined our curriculum with a little bit of art work!  All that you need is a math compass, a pencil, white paper, and something to color with!

I used the compass' on the bottom right and my students used crayons.

You can do one of the following to create these:

1. Give your kids a set number of circles and a set number of diameters and have them create a picture using these measurements.

2. You could give them a diameter recording sheet and have them create as many circles as they want, but no less than five, and then record their diameters.

3.  You could do either suggestions 1 or 2, but have them create the circles out of construction paper, or another type of paper, cut them out, and glue them onto another sheet! It would be a totally different effect!

It's completely up to you.  I would suggest taking it one step further and have them record the radius and circumference of each circle as well!  It's a wonderful learning opportunity that they will have a blast doing!  It's so much fun as a teacher to see their end products.

Take a look at what my students made!

I hope I inspired you a little through this post!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment!

In honor of Iccar...

Yesterday, my family and I got news that shook our world.  My husband is a K9 Explosive Detector for the state police.  He had back surgery about a month ago and was told to keep his dog in the academy kennels three hours away from our home, where he would be cared for by the cadets and other troopers.  This was done for liability reasons.  Mike was to go get him next week.  Our phone rang yesterday morning with horrific news.  Iccar was found unresponsive in his kennel and died within the hour.  We couldn't be there with him.  This came as a complete shock to everyone.  He was in perfect health and was in fantastic shape.  We will be getting the final necropsy reports soon.  Please keep all of us, especially my husband in your prayers.  That was his partner and true buddy.  My husband lost his brother and father with a matter of years and has no other siblings, so Iccar was a little fill to that void.  He doesn't have him now.  He does, however, have a wonderful family that has so much love for him.  My heart just aches and the tears keep coming.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Iccar, thank you for being a part of our family.  We loved you so much and miss you beyond belief.  I will miss kissing your soft ears and cuddling you in bed.  Thank you for being by my husband's side and serving our state.  You are and will be missed forever.

Fun With Tempera Paint!

In high school, I was the art club president and we used to take monthly trips to local donut shops and  libraries...no not to eat donuts or read books, but to paint their windows!  So, when I started to teach, I decided to continue my joy of painting on windows and I did it in my very own classroom!  All that you need is some colorful Tempera Paint and some paint brushes!  (Maybe a little imagination, too. ;)  I just washed off the one that I had for winter, which said "Let it snow!" and had snowflakes all around it.  My kids absolutely LOVE seeing what is going to come up next, so I wanted to share with you my latest creation! 

I hope you decide that to paint your windows in your classroom, too!
Have fun and happy painting!



100th Follower Giveaway!

Come one! Come all!  I reached 100 followers on TpT!  I'm super excited and wanted to celebrate with a little giveaway!  I am letting you choose two items from my store and I will let you know in two days if you won!  It's that simple!  Just reply to this post and you will be in the running! :)

You can either click on the link below or on the link located on the right margin of this page!  Thank you all for visiting my store...and a SPECIAL thank you to all of my followers!
Credit to the following for my giveaway 'flier!' :)

Hugs and love,

Spring is here!

Let me tell you that this was put together with GREAT effort and PATIENCE!  I have been working on this packet for well over a month.  I made it through my husband's back surgery and every single one of us getting the flu...I got it twice!  So, it is with great pride and a huge sense of relief that I can offer this to all of you. :)  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

Here's what I have on my TpT page that describes what you will find inside. :)

*Multiple-Meaning Word Task Card Game!
Game Board, Game Pieces, 30 Task Cards , Answer Key, and Practice Page included!

*Spring Into Symmetry!
6 Activity Cards, 16 Symmetry Task Cards, and Answer Key included!

*Equivalent Fractions!
24 Fraction Task Cards, Answer Key, and Practice Page included!

*Spring Forward!
20 Elapsed Time Task Cards, Recorder Sheets and Answer Key, included!

Stop by and take a closer look!

Thanks a bunch to all!

Let's Interact!

I teach fifth grade, but my students like nothing more than a little bit of "floor" time!  I created this bulletin board three years ago and have used it every year since.  So what did I do?  I created a sentence strip for each of our Language Arts concepts that we learn throughout the school year.  I either defined them or provided examples of each and wrote that on each strip.  The students are given the terms and are then asked to label each of the strips.

This could be done with any subject...and your kids will love it!  It gets them out of their seats and allows them to interact with their curriculum.

Is your classroom interactive?  I'd love to hear what you do!

Have a great day!


Lift the dark cloud...please!

No...I did not fall off of the face of the earth, although, I wanted to at times over the past several weeks!  My husband underwent back surgery on a Thursday.  On the way home, I get a phone call from my mother who was watching my girls...that my youngest was vomiting...never a good sign.  To sum that up...13 times in two hours...poor thing.  Then, that same night, my oldest daughter got sick.  That Saturday, I got the same thing and was completely immobile, in bed, for two days and barely made it to work that Monday.  While at work on Monday, I get a phone call from my husband who said that he was sick now, too!  Needless to say...I bleached and sanitized my ENTIRE house!  He was/is still recovering from back surgery at that point, I am cleaning like crazy, taking 4 credits online, working full time, and trying to keep everyone healthy.  Fast forward a few days....my washer broke, I got a second round of the flu and couldn't work for three days (during work Writing PSSA...ugh)....and my youngest got pink eye!!!!

Soooo....needless to say, my blog, TpT, and TN took a back seat.  The upside...my girls are doing great, my husband's back is wonderful, and my house is clean!  I think God waited to make everything better until I found humor in it.  It was during the last week of chaos when I was healing, that I looked at my husband and belly laughed!  At that point, I knew it was going to be okay...and it was.

Due to the madness in my life, I dedicate this post to looking up and toward brighter, better days.  I also dedicate it to the fact that I am sooo very blessed to have such a wonderful, healthy family who I have BIG love for.

Be well and keep posted...more to come!