My Classroom In a Sketch

I was taking pictures at school and discovered the "Color Sketch" option on my camera...this is what happened once I took some pictures!! Pretty cool, huh?! I just wanted to share with you guys. I always love seeing other people's classrooms. I am going to have to have my classroom ready for next fall at the end of this year, considering what I have to do for my sister (see a couple posts below). :) I may be suffering from a serious first trimester at "back to school" time! Yikes!
Also, something to look forward to in the upcoming week from "Create, Teach, and Share," is a guest blog from one of our TpT top sellers, "Teaching to Inspire in 5th!" She's been a great guide for me and I am so excited to see what she has to share with us! One other great "up and coming" something or other to look forward to are the many products that I will be posting on TpT this week! From comprehension to measurement, and some SUPER cute sticker charts...I think you guys will like what you see! Just check back when you get a never know what you might find! Hugs to all and have a good night!

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  1. I will have to try that app using my ipad. I do not have an iphone. I love the look of the pictures :)
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