LoVe in Room 309

It's amazing how much my students smile on Valentine's Day! My room was filled with giggles and whispers all day long...I just get a kick out of trying to figure out who their 5th grade crush is and watching the girls give the boys "googly eyes!" They are so funny!
So I wanted to share some of their really awesome Valentine's Day boxes with you guys! Check out the Angry Bird box! My student said that he and his mother made it by gluing two large bowls together and covering them in tissue paper...super cute! I think they did a great job. I had two students make their boxes out of Legos! That was something that I had never seen a definite "A" for creativity! You may notice the beautiful bouquet of flowers. Well...that was from my girls and my wonderful husband. :) It's so nice to be loved. The tiny pot of flowers was a gift from a sweet.
 I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, and for those of you who did not...know that you are loved!  I am sending you a virtual hug!
 Have a good one!

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  1. It looks like you had am amazing day full of love!
    My Second Sense