Student Work

Here are some projects that my students both past and present have created or participated in!

In Social Studies, we study various Native American regions throughout the United States.  We were studying the nomadic Plains Indians and so, as my yearly tradition, we created a classroom tepee!  My kids love it!  I actually use it as a reward for my students.  They can have the privilege of doing their work inside of the tepee, which is pretty darn cool to them.

We had a lot of fun with labeling plant cells this year!  I made the giant cells to accompany the student cell creations.  LOVE them!

My students are working on their Interactive Reading Journals.  They really enjoy doing these and they truly help so much!

My students finished reading a excerpt from the book "Sees Behind Trees" in Reading, so I had them write a summary based on what they read.  This was our bulletin board...I think they did a wonderful job!

Here are a couple of Student Treasures book publications that we have completed in the past.  I think they turned out really well!

This was not an academic project, but I wanted to share it.  Our school allows our students to create their own Valentine's Day boxes and then gives them a couple of days to pass out Valentine's to other kids in our classroom boxes located outside each of our rooms.  On the day of our celebration, the teachers give out the Valentines to the students, which is when they put them in their beautiful boxes for safe keeping.  I thought these were super cute and wanted to share them with you guys!

This was a simple bulletin board created during our study of plants.  Based on real plant characteristics, the students were given the task to create their own unique plant.  They were to describe where you would find the plant, how it reproduced, what creatures were attracted to it, etc.  They had a great time with this!

These are just two of the many projects that my kids did when they created visual diagrams of the butterfly's life cycle.  

These are just a few of the colonial homes that my kids have done as a take home project in the spring.  I am always amazed by their time, effort, and creativity!  I put them on display tables outside of my classroom for a couple of weeks, so that the rest of the school can enjoy them, as well.  This project goes with our study of colonial life leading up to the American Revolution.

"A Day of Science in Room 309" 
We had SO much fun!!

"Rocking Into the New Year"
Students made guitars at home that best suited their personalities and did a writing assignment at school that was titled "Rocking Into the New Year With a Resolution."  I took pictures of them "rocking out" and had their miniature rocking selves next to their guitars.  I made the letters out of construction paper and scrapbooking paper. 

"Pocketful of Pronouns" and Compound Word Wordles

We created circle art through the study of radii, diameters, and circumferences!   See my post on this project to find out more!

This was a part of my Superhero Unit that is offered in my TpT store.  My kiddos were making their very own comic strips and had a great time doing it! 

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