These are the freebies that I have created!  To access it, just click on the link below the pictures. :)





  1. Now I'm starting to put your super-cute products & your name, plus your blog together into a more complete picture! :-) Following you now!

    Tammy - aka Mme Aiello @ Teaching FSL

  2. Hi Joey, Love your blog and ideas. I am new to your site. Would like to know what program and printer you use so that I may too contribute some ideas to teachers pay teacher. I am subscribed there too. I am a specialty Spanish teacher teaching K-2, 5-6 and photojournalism to 7-8th. Love my job! Marilyn in Texas (15 years and still passionate about my kids!)

    1. Marilyn, for some reason I never saw your question for me until just now!! I'm so sorry! I use PowerPoint to make everything! I just use a standard printer at home, but if I want something done well...I go to Staples to have it printed and laminated. You can do all of that online and simply send it to your nearest store to be picked up. Please stop back and say hello...I feel terrible that I didn't see this!

      All the best,

  3. Joey,
    I just discovered your awesomeness. I wish I had sooner, I guess better late than never...LOL I absolutely Love all the work you put into your ideas. Your hard work, make my life easier...I almost feel guilty (LOL) , but most of all I feel so much gratitude. You have everything I have been looking for, I always thought my ideas were just dreams. Thanks for making my dreams a reality...LOVE YA xoxo
    Kim (4th grade teacher from NJ)