Collaborative Blog Adventure and FREEBIE!

Okay, we're not going to talk about how it's been almost TWO months since my last post.  Nope.  We won't talk about that.  I guess I could tell you how very busy this time of year is for me...and how there just aren't enough hours in the day.  That may have something to do with it. :)

I DO want to tell you about something else, though!  I told you that I would be joining up with some of my TpT blogging buddies on a collaborative blog.  Well, today was a big jump for me into that collaborative world!  Even though my posts have been few and far between on my blog, I have been working very hard in my classroom.  I shared a little something that I did with my kiddos last week in my VERY FIRST blog post at Upper Elementary Snapshots!  Stop by to check it out and hopefully get inspired!

Here's what you'll be reading about...

Oh, did I mention that there is a FREEBIE for you to use in your classroom with your students?!  Yah!  I love anything free. :)

I have so much to blog about, you guys.  I really do.  As fellow educators, you can only imagine the life of a full-time teacher, mom, TpT'er, wife, and a few other titles that simply don't have a name.  :) I am planning my next post, so hang in there my dear followers!  Blessings and love to you all!

To visit my post at UES, you can click on the picture above, as well as the link toward the top!  Enjoy!!

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