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Math Meets Astronomy in Room 309

Every now and then certain ideas come to us as teachers that we silently say to ourselves, "That's brilliant!!"  It doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but EVERY now and does!  I have done this with my students a couple of times over the years and it has really worked out so well each time. :)  I call it "Constellation Math."

Overall, it's super simple and extremely effective lesson in teaching angles to your kiddos! :)

First, find, print, and enlarge the size of a bunch of constellations.  I made sure to have a variety that ranged from simple to complex, so that I could maintain a basic level for my struggling students, while still challenging my more advanced students. :)

Next, I had the students choose a constellation of their choice and trace it with a black Sharpie onto white construction paper.  We added some "stars" to each angle, named each, and then got to work with our protractors. :)

I started with a whole group demonstration on my Smart Board, using my HoverCam for a super close look at the process, then worked in small groups to get them started.  I would say that 85% of my students dug right in and had no problems at all!  10% of them needed a little more guidance, then found independent success, and about 5% needed one-on-one support throughout the project.

In the end...they all practiced, perfected, and learned a little more about angles!  Mission. Accomplished. All the while...they're learning about the constellations...double score!  Now that's a good lesson!

I'm linking up this week with my friend Meg from "The Teacher Studio."  Stop by for some more great go-to lesson ideas!  

Have a great one you guys! 


  1. Love love love! Thanks so much for linking up--see you on the Second Sunday of June for your next amazing lesson! :)

    1. Thanks for creating the link, Meg!! It inspires me to push the creativity card! :)

  2. This is a great idea! It ALMOST makes me wish I was teaching grade six again next year!

  3. Replies
    1. My kids had a great time with it! :)

  4. So glad you linked up! We begin learning about angles in 3rd grade and we have a Start Lab unit where we have a planetarium at our school where we go in and look at constellations! This will be a fun project to do to combine both! Thanks so much! Pinning now...

    Tales of a Teacher

    1. Absolutely! You could even simplify it to simply learn about classifying angles!

  5. Great Idea! I'm actually looking for doing some coordinate practice with constellations and came across this. We will definitely being doing this in January. Thanks!

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